Sunday, August 20, 2017

Fiber Junkies - Parallel Play

The months are flying by and it seems like yesterday we were meeting for it is August with fall just around the corner...a happy camper I am! FJ met once again at our wonderful Val's home with lots of fun possibilities for a day of playing....but first our quick show and tell.
Denny showed us another one of her very big and beautiful quilts she is working on...lots of intricate piecing and perfect points...impressive I'ld say!
Mary showed some of her noil she eco printed in a recent workshop with Vickie Bennett. I was in the same workshop and it was great fun.
Also another small wallhanging from Mary using some of the wool prints she made last time at Fiber Junkies....thought it was a very nice way to display them.
This is another wonderful piece from Mary - very Americana. Pictures were digitally printed on fabric and incorporated into a piece using eco dyed fabric.
And Gen with her tags which she loves to make as they are like mini collages....each one prettier than the one before.
Gen received something in the mail with this printed filler paper....well, waste not, want not...and think she made great use of it.
Val has been doing some lovely silk screening on sheer fabric...think this was silk organza...what a beautiful stole it would make.
Onto our wonderful station was set up for eco printing. The "sandwiches" were prepared with wood on each end, hand made paper in between along with plant material between each layer of paper.
Val had some different kinds of wood which was fun to use and see if they would affect the color of the paper underneath. Now they are clamped and ready to go...
into the pot of boiling water with white vinegar for about an hour.
Val was working on this beautiful piece of fabric she painted with dyes and silk screened over and still added more (will find out at end of post).
Denny, being the wonderful record keeper that she is, was experimenting with different wax resists...and more important labeling them as a reference.
I brought along some tongue depressors to use as a resist in Shibori. There was a top and bottom stick and held together on each end with rubber bands. It was then dipped into Indigo dye for a few minutes. Kate really didn't like this fabric and felt she had nothing to lose by a quick dip...
and looky...looky...quite wonderful I think. The fun thing with Shibori is you never know what you're going to get.
I had some wonderful 100% cotton sateen I folded with tongue depressors also. Kate did more of a scrunch and I did ironing and folding but you can see the pattern it creates. I honestly have to say that I like Kates better but all in all just great fun experimenting. and comparing results.
I had an ugly piece of fabric I wanted to try and fix. I did some folding, clamping and then dipped it into the Indigo pot.
I like it much better now and love the more turquoise-y blue that appears in some areas.
This was another piece folded and dyed...think it's Mary's...the bushes outside make perfect drying areas as air can get on top and underneath.
And here's Val's amazing piece that was perfect as it was but then dipped into Indigo and now even better.
And an ugly of mine that was folded and dipped in Indigo.
The official fabric taster...sometimes Kate will forget if she soda ashed a piece of fabric...I will taste the tiniest bit of corner and tell her if she has or not...
And our eco prints...some really amazing ones.
I loved the results from using this rusty round thing. I'm going over to the selvage yard in Asheville where I know I can get more...they do create a wonderful effect.
Here's the result when the paper is larger and folded in half for the sandwich. Not only does it hold the leaves in place better, but you get a mirror image.
And of course...what would our meetings be without the bubbly! I am linked to Off the Wall Friday and Whoop Whoop Friday.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Eco Printed Art

Last month we had the opportunity to do some eco printing at our Fiber Junkies meeting. We used hand made paper and leaves from our garden along with some fresh Eucalyptus from Trader Joes. I was pleased with the results...
 but what to do with them....2 ideas came to mind...size being a factor.
 The smaller ones I thought would work up nicely into some notecards. I've always done notecards as they are fairly good sellers and people always seem to need them. They also make great gifts.
 I used 5 x 7" blanks and glued the eco print in place using a double bond created with rubber cement. To make a double bond, glue each surface and let dry thoroughly. Carefully place the eco paper on top of the blank..once it's's turning back so this step I do very slowly and with great care. I remove any excess rubber cement that might be beyond the print by gently rubbing.
 The envelopes have a stamped leaf in the upper corner and a short blurp about eco printing on the label. Both envelope and card are placed in plastic.
 Onto the bigger prints...both sides are printed and often not the same depending on what was touching them during the process.
 I like this side which uses Eucalyptus leaves and a rusted flat gear of some sort. I thought it might need a little darkening in places so....
 I used a spray on color wash....diluted and applied with a brush for more control.
 The eco print was backed with a fusible web.
 I thought a silk noil in natural color would work well as a backdrop for the print. I love silk noil and the wonderful texture it provides... I marked off the area to quilt, sandwiched it with batting and light backing and dove in.
 I did a simple free motion stipple stitch in a rayon thread the same color as the noil. I then fused the print down in the center and secured it permanently with a monofilament thread.
 I used 8 x 10 blank canvas's to mount the piece. I laid it down with wrong side of print up and facing the right side of the canvas. I then brought the whole thing to the back. I stapled it in key areas...checking each time to make sure it wasn't off center...
 then went and filled in the gaps with more staples.
 And a look at the finished piece.......which is large Eucalyptus leaves...
 and the back which is finished....
and the other print. I am linked to Off the Wall Friday and Whoop Whoop Friday.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Blue and Green

Back in March, we had our annual PTA retreat....PTA stands for Piecers, Talkers, Appliquers OR Professional Textile Artists. This wonderful group has been together forever and once a year we treat ourselves to 3 days of sewing, eating, drinking champagne and laughing our sides off. We usually have way more projects than we can finish but heaven forbid we run out of something to do. I was way off in La-La Land with the expectations I had for myself...My first project was pieced hexagons which I recently finished (click here) and had this as a backup..What was I thinking.
Well, I am not a piecer as I have commiserated about before...although I love pieced quilts. Here is a prime example of why...After making blocks, I was to cut them on the diagonal to put back together.  I discovered early on...I was cutting them on the wrong the first 2 blocks went into the trash...
It took months (grabbing moments here and there) to get to this point...ready to sew everything together.

After getting them sewn, it was time to sandwich it and quilt. I loved the circle prints and thought this would be a nice quilting pattern. I found around 7 - 8 different size circles. The table in my studio was covered with dishes, pot lids, plastic lids etc.....lots of sizes to choose from.
I started at the center drawing around dishes etc...quilting it and then moving to next circle. I did a few at a time and then laid it down to draw more circles. I used several threads...a 30 weight rayon which was more subtle and Madeira's Lana which used to be called Burmilana and one of my favorite threads. It's quite heavy but will thread through a "topstitch size 16 needle" using an old fashion needle threader. Lana is a wool and acrylic blend but has the appearance of the threads used in Crewel embroidery...remember that? I thought a combination of both threads worked well together.
For the binding I used a polka dot....
and here's the finished piece...looking for a name.
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Monday, July 24, 2017

Fiber Junkies Pt 3 - The Ah Haaaaa Moment

We had many Ah Haaaa moments at the end of the many wonderful techniques to try and so many successes. We always have great fun regardless of the outcome...but even better when we can jump up and down with excitement! First was the Indigo...results are pretty quick as you only leave it in the mixture for a few minutes.
Here's the Indigo pot and..
Here's the results...all lined up on the bushes to dry...some beautiful color.

Marys on the left was very intense and done on white fabric...don't think she resisted it with clamps. Mine on right was a piece of deconstructed fabric in rust tones (looks like it's rusted, but not so), folded and clamped and dipped in solution so only the edges picked up color.
This was Kates I believe which she clamped to create patterning..
and another...

Val was doing some dye painting...her beginnings on the left and finished piece on the surprise there...Val did it!!
Some of the results from our eco printing...great results using just water, vinegar and boiling water bath.
Mary used some felt which was great to see as it was fabric. We had no idea on how fabric would work. For more infor on how to do this...scroll on down to the previous post on Fiber Junkies Pt.. 2
The papers were great - mostly hand made papers were used.

After I let my bundles of deconstructive fabric batch, I washed them and got "fair to middlin" results....some I really liked, others I didn't ...but that's how it usually goes (with me) using this technique...There's always the option of layering something on top.

I was pretty happy with these... I might have to do a little more to them but they are quite busy as it is....
This patterning was created by using a sink mat underneath the screen. I released the dye on a fabric that already had been deconstructed and "needed help" so it's a bit overwhelming...think I would have liked it better on just white.
I am very happy with my eco prints on paper and wish now I had tried some silk...but I see a future with this technique.

What's interesting about this technique is that you get patterning on both sides of the paper depending on what's on each side. The Maple leaf in the top right here is the mirror image of the Maple leaf in the set above these - top left. Sometimes it's hard to know which side to use...both are so pretty...I have an idea on what I might do with them...more to come on that.
The paper also takes on the imprint of the leaf which I think is so pretty. This is a Maple leaf from my yard along with some Eucalyptus leaves.  Til next time....
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